The first time I fell in love,
I never knew I could felt that that,
Like I’ve never seen the sky before,
Want to vanish in your arm.

The first time I fell in love,
The world suddenly seemed such a perfect place,
And it moved with such a perfect grace,
The world revolved around us,
There wasn’t mountain too high,
No river too wide,
We all sang out our song and believed that we would be by each other’s side,
Storm clouds might gather and stars might collide,
We would love until the end of time.

The First time I fell heartrending,
I never know how I’ll survive,
The stars is still shining,
Just the love is vanishing,
I know that you’ll always live in my heart,
But to be without you won’t tear me apart,
Let’s keep those wonderful memories in our mind,
And we’ll be strong enough to say goodbye.


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